Dr Salvatore - Dr. Cigna is simply the best!

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I had to post my review of Dr. Cigna because he is the most professional, down-to earth, perfectionist of a doctor. His results are consistently beautiful. My whole neighborhood in Hopewell used him over the years.

I am thrilled with my childrens results. I work in WCSD (school) and have never heard anybody say what these posters are saying.

I can only imagine that the children of that parent must have been poor cooperators and its another case of parents covering for their children and not taking responsiblity. Unfortunately, I see that too often in the schools.

Cigna Orthodontics are outstanding- the whole gang. Thank you Dr. C.

Dr Salvatore - Dr. Cigna is a Fraud and Scamster!

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My 2 daughters have been in treatment for over 7 years with Dr.Cigna.I don't have insurance so originally I was paying under a payment plan but due to constant billing errors,bogus extra charges and a RUDE office manager I decided to prepay in full for my daughters treatment which costs thousands of $$$.

He recently removed my oldest daughters braces too soon and her teeth were deforming within weeks of the removal. When I contacted Dr. Cigna to complain he tried to avoid me but after constant phone calls he put the top braces back on. I than asked him about the bottom braces and he would not give me a response.

After several weeks his RUDE office manager called and said I would have to pay another $1700 for the bottom braces. When I questioned this since it was not our fault (my daughter had her retainer on as per instructions) she asked why I was concerned since insurance will pay for it. When I informed her I don't have insurance and even if I did they should not have to pay twice for her bosses incompetence,this horrible woman became beligerent and called me and my child liars saying she never wore the retainer. I was shocked at this and requested to speak to Dr.

Cigna and she refused to put him on the phone.after many phone calls,emails and messages to Dr. Cigna I was finally told Dr. Cigna would not talk to me about this. Imagine my surprise when I heard that after prepaying for both daughters braces the Dr.

would not talk to the client. Dr. Cigna's way to deal with problems is to hide from them.

I than contacted my lawyer who contacted Dr. Cigna to request both of my daughters records to get a 2nd opinion as my other daughter still had crooked teeth after 7 years in treatment and I was concerned with the competence of Dr.

Cigna and his staff. Well last week I received a letter from Dr. Cigna saying he will no longer treat my daughters because apparently he was offended I asked for a 2nd opinion and did not give in to his shakedown for $1700 more dollars. He did not offer to refund my money and essentially was paid in advance 100% for services he is now refusing to provide.

I am now in the process of contacting the New York State Consumer Fraud Department,Attorney General and The New York State Office of the professions. I cannot believe in this economy the authorities will allow this type of behavior. I work hard for my money and I gave it to Dr. Cigna to fix my daughters teeth and he is a fraud.

I do not know how I am going to afford to pay to fix my daughters teeth. Please STAY AWAY from this Dr. Cigna. He is a BAD person in addition to being a BAD Orthodontist.

I refuse to give up in my fight against him and I am now in the process of contacting news organizations,school groups and organizations,other dentists,online resources,church and sports groups and every community organization in the area to inform them of this man. Dr.

Cigna I promise you that your attempt to take my hard earned $$$$ and hurt my children will costs you more than it cost me.You don't mess with my childrens health.

Review about: Braces.



Diesels was sued for Libel and lost in the courts.We sued as a matter of principal, and not necessarily to collect from him.

However, a statement needs to be made out there that if you intentionally try to hurt a business owner/professional, you can get sued and you may lose.Diesels lost on every count as all professional associations found his claims false and with out merit.

to Anonymous #756344

stop lying.you know what you did was wrong and you need to accept responsibility for it.

this all could have been avoided if you just took care of the problem.I am a business owner also and do all I can to keep my customers happy and give them what they paid for, that's why my business is not on this website!


I have had my entire family including myself serviced by Dr.Cigna.

All of our cases were challenging and I wouldn't have trusted any other dentist to attempt my case. Thank you dr. Cigna I think you are a wonderful orthodontist ! I am disgusted that any person would sit down and say the things they said.

I don't believe that their daughters are worse off now. That is not the dentistry you perform.

I think diesel needs to understand that there isn't a soul out there that will ever make her happy.She is a doctors worst nightmare where ever she goes😉.


In regards to diesels post:

It was decided by the courts that all claims made by the patient DIESEL are FALSE and furthermore, the courts imposed a fine on the patient in a libel lawsuit.To preserve the privacy of the patient, I will not divulge his name.

I encourage every professional who is attacked falsely and without merit to seek the help of the judicial system.False postings also encourage "copycat" postings.


I too was unhappy with the work done on both of my daughters to the pricy tune of $16,000 that I prepaid.He did a botched up job!

In addition, his staff harrassed me for a charge of $90 I paid, but they insisted I hadn't - with the amount of $ I spent - they couldn't write it off?!!but the fact is I paid it - how arrogant!


Dear Prospective Patient,

we are a state of the art office that has successfully completed over 7000 corthodontic cases in this community. Our standard of care has always been high and we are committed to you, our patient.

Thank you for your continued patronage.


Dear Prospective Patient,

Dr. Salvatore Cigna and the Cigna Orthodontic Team have worked very hard on behalf of the above patient's two daughters. To preserve their privacy, I will not post their names. Any inquiry that the parent has initiated has been found to be without merit and dismissed by the appropriate parties. If your opinion of Dr. Cigna or the Cigna Orthodontic Team, however, has been negatively affected by the above posting, please send an email to rcigna@optonline.net.

We will not be contacting you in the future but need this for record keeping purposes.


Dr. Salvatore Cigna


I also had 2 daughters treated by Dr Cigna.The results were awful, their teeth are worse now than before and my daughters self esteam is very low.

This man is subborn and egotistical, he would not admit he and his staff did a *** job.

I am thinking of contacting a lawyer

because I its just not right.A true proffesional should stand behind their work.

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